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13 Ways To Motivate Yourself at Work

Lacking motivation at work? We hear you. Here are 13 ways to reinvigorate your work life. Create a big goal. Start with small steps. Frontload your days with least favorite work. Learn new skills. Schedule weekly Check-ins with a manager. Find a mentor. Practice gratitude. Make a passion diagram. Reward yourself with accomplished goals. SurroundContinue reading “13 Ways To Motivate Yourself at Work”

15 Ways To Organize Your Business

Planner to help your organize your business and increase productivity.  Prioritize biggest goals. Create short term goals. Identify bite-sized tasks. Prioritize your tasks. Can anyone help. Build a team. Set up google sheets. Create Trello boards. Block out your schedule. Review your progress. Plan your week on Sunday. Close your email. Limit time on socialContinue reading “15 Ways To Organize Your Business”

How To Promote Your Business When You Have No Money

The best promotional ideas for businesses. Especially if you’re on a shoestring budget. Know who you’re targeting. Be consistent with your content plus delivery. Set up automations as soon as possible. Invest in tools that save your time. Build trust using Facebook groups. Your email signature equals to your hypeman. Start building your email listContinue reading “How To Promote Your Business When You Have No Money”

How to Use Pinterest for Business

Are you wondering how to use Pinterest for Business? You’re in the right place! This Pinterest guide will help you promote your business in the best and most effective way possible. Create Pinterest Business Account. Create boards and pins. Automate your business with tailwind. Pinterest pins. Grow your account. Check your analytics.

Pricing Formula for Beginner Entrepreneurs

Cost-based pricing involves calculating the total costs it takes to make your product, then adding a percentage markup to determine the final price. Here’s how to price a product. Materials- Add up the cost of all your supplies. You can divide the cost of bulk supply by the amount of products it makes.+ Labor- HowContinue reading “Pricing Formula for Beginner Entrepreneurs”

How to Book More Clients for Beginner Entrepreneurs

What do you do when a potential client inquires about your services? How confident are you when introducing your premium offer? Here are some of the ways to attract customers. Attract and connect. Introduce your signature service. Clearly list what the client will gain. Share your previous work or portfolio. Share powerful related testimonials. OutlineContinue reading “How to Book More Clients for Beginner Entrepreneurs”