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5 Skills That Every Employer Wants On Your Resume

Every employers wants that one employee with both hard and soft skills. Here are crucial skills that every employee should include in his or her resume. Communication– listening, verbal and written. Leadership/Management Skills- A goal driven leader who maintains a productive climate and confidently motivates, mobilizes, and coaches employees to meet high performance standards. PlanningContinue reading “5 Skills That Every Employer Wants On Your Resume”


10 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Think and Grow Rich

Their are a number of lessons from Think and Grow Rich. Below are 10 Lessons we can learn from the book. You Need a Burning Desire “Only when a man or a woman truly wants something does he or she act towards attaining that which is wanted. Where wishing is often undefined and non-committal, wantingContinue reading “10 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Think and Grow Rich”

How To Write a Business Plan Outline

The following outline of a typical business plan can serve as a guide. You can adapt it to your specific business. Breaking down the plan into several components helps make drafting it a more manageable task. Introduction Give a detailed description of the business and its goals. Discuss the ownership of the business and theContinue reading “How To Write a Business Plan Outline”

Top 10 Hard Skills To Have In Your Resume

What are the best hard skills for your resume? Learn how to craft a killer resume skills section that will get you hired in today’s competitive job market. Computer programming. Network security. Data Analysis. UX Design. Business Analysis. SEO Marketing. Artificial Intelligence. Sales and Administrative. Certification and Licences. Foreign Language skills.

17 Passive Income Ideas for Increasing Your Cash Flow

When an income stream is passive, it means it requires little to no maintenance to keep the¬†money¬†flowing. Now, that doesn’t mean it can simply be completely ignored or forgotten about. No. Quite the contrary. It’s important to track every passive income stream and watch it like a hawk, no matter how automated it might be.Continue reading “17 Passive Income Ideas for Increasing Your Cash Flow”

Important Documents To Keep Your Business Organized

Important documents every small business owner needs to be able to find. All payroll related documents. Corporation paperwork and seal. Employee personal files. Checkbook and any financial statements. Insurance documentation and policy packets. Petty cash on hand and tracking sheet. Online login information and passwords. Account Receivable and account Payable documents.

5 Money Habits That Every Business Should Start Right Now

Money habits- you either love them or you hate them, but one thing’s for sure, the more you stick to your financial habits, the more organized your small business finances will be. There are five core money habits that every small business owner have. Do your bookkeeping weekly. Review your numbers monthly. Save for yourContinue reading “5 Money Habits That Every Business Should Start Right Now”

20 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Engagement for Techpreneurs

Understand the basics of Instagram for business from the simplest aspects of this marketing strategy to the more complex. Improve your photography. Be active with your target audience. Be active and consistent with your posts. Update your profile picture. Understand your analytics and insights. Know the trend in your niche. Find the big-guns in yourContinue reading “20 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Engagement for Techpreneurs”