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21 Ways To Market Your Blog and Online Store

By Brian Amtallah Digital marketing can be great way for entrepreneurs and online business enthusiasts to not only increase traffic to their websites and blogs but to also increase lead generation. These can lead to more conversions leading to an increase in customer base making the business thrive and increase it’s profit margin. Below areContinue reading “21 Ways To Market Your Blog and Online Store”


8 Steps To An Engaged Team

Many leaders aim to build an engaged team. Employee engagement is front and center of mind for most managers. These 8 Steps should give you a good start to building an engaged team. Engagement Is An Ethos Engaging your team doesn’t need to be about the ‘big gesture’. Engage your employees through the simple thingsContinue reading “8 Steps To An Engaged Team”

5 Skills That Every Employer Wants On Your Resume

Every employers wants that one employee with both hard and soft skills. Here are crucial skills that every employee should include in his or her resume. Communication– listening, verbal and written. Leadership/Management Skills- A goal driven leader who maintains a productive climate and confidently motivates, mobilizes, and coaches employees to meet high performance standards. PlanningContinue reading “5 Skills That Every Employer Wants On Your Resume”

Warren Buffett’s 7 Rules for Investing

Re-Invest Your Profits When you first make money, you’re tempted to spend it. Don’t instead, reinvest the profits. Buffet learned this early on. In highschool, he and his pal bought a pinball machine to put in a barbershop. With the money earned, they bought more machines and they had eight in different shops. When theContinue reading “Warren Buffett’s 7 Rules for Investing”

10 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Think and Grow Rich

Their are a number of lessons from Think and Grow Rich. Below are 10 Lessons we can learn from the book. You Need a Burning Desire “Only when a man or a woman truly wants something does he or she act towards attaining that which is wanted. Where wishing is often undefined and non-committal, wantingContinue reading “10 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Think and Grow Rich”

How To Write a Business Plan Outline

The following outline of a typical business plan can serve as a guide. You can adapt it to your specific business. Breaking down the plan into several components helps make drafting it a more manageable task. Introduction Give a detailed description of the business and its goals. Discuss the ownership of the business and theContinue reading “How To Write a Business Plan Outline”

27 Free Stock Photo Sites For Your Blog

High quality stock photos are the heart and soul of most good looking pieces of blog content. Most of us aren’t professional photographers after all. See how you use tens of thousands of stock photos free of charge with this list of 27 places to get free stock photos for your blog (high resolution optionsContinue reading “27 Free Stock Photo Sites For Your Blog”