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5 Skills That Every Employer Wants On Your Resume

Every employers wants that one employee with both hard and soft skills. Here are crucial skills that every employee should include in his or her resume. Communication– listening, verbal and written. Leadership/Management Skills- A goal driven leader who maintains a productive climate and confidently motivates, mobilizes, and coaches employees to meet high performance standards. PlanningContinue reading “5 Skills That Every Employer Wants On Your Resume”

9 Things You Need To Get Out of Your Head

Just as a messy workplace or cluttered house can hurt your productivity, a mind full of clutter can do just as much, or more, damage! Lets look at how to clear your mind by divesting some of the stuff going on in your head. Overthinking things. Being worried about what others think. Living in theContinue reading “9 Things You Need To Get Out of Your Head”

10 Skills That Are Hard to Learn But Pay Off Forever

Emotional intelligence training for mindfulness. Staying present in the moment. Having confidence. Listening wisely. Managing your time. Stop whining. Having empathy. Speaking up. Being consistent. Getting enough sleep. Being honest with yourself. Starting is the first step – Amtallah