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15 Ways To Organize Your Business

Planner to help your organize your business and increase productivity.  Prioritize biggest goals. Create short term goals. Identify bite-sized tasks. Prioritize your tasks. Can anyone help. Build a team. Set up google sheets. Create Trello boards. Block out your schedule. Review your progress. Plan your week on Sunday. Close your email. Limit time on socialContinue reading “15 Ways To Organize Your Business”

How to Book More Clients for Beginner Entrepreneurs

What do you do when a potential client inquires about your services? How confident are you when introducing your premium offer? Here are some of the ways to attract customers. Attract and connect. Introduce your signature service. Clearly list what the client will gain. Share your previous work or portfolio. Share powerful related testimonials. OutlineContinue reading “How to Book More Clients for Beginner Entrepreneurs”

10 Skills That Are Hard to Learn But Pay Off Forever

Emotional intelligence training for mindfulness. Staying present in the moment. Having confidence. Listening wisely. Managing your time. Stop whining. Having empathy. Speaking up. Being consistent. Getting enough sleep. Being honest with yourself. Starting is the first step – Amtallah

Business Plan Checklist

And things you need to consider. Business Summary Objective Business Vision Company Profile Mission Statement Keys to Success Products and Services Ideal Audience Define Target Audience Build a Persona Set Personal Goals Define PainPoints Marketing Marketing Objectives Sales Strategy Promotional Tactics Brand Voice Brand Messaging Competitor Review SWOT Analysis Mile Stone Key Milestone Goal SettingContinue reading “Business Plan Checklist”

Why to Not Not Start a Startup

Use this as a checklist to examine your own feelings. Too young. Too inexperienced. Not determined enough. Not smart enough. Newbie in business. No cofounder. No idea. No room for startups. Family to support. Afraid of commitments. Need for structure. Fear of uncertainty. Blind to the alternative. A job is the default.

20 Ways to Promote Your Home Business

Entrepreneurs should look for different ways to market their businesses. Here are some of the ways to promote their businesses online; CPC Ads Solo Ads Banner Ads Text Ads Business cards Free samples Trade Ads space Social Marketing Vendor Events Direct Mailings Business Networking Events Group Deal Offers Local Online Listings Press Releases Loyalty ProgramsContinue reading “20 Ways to Promote Your Home Business”