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8 Steps To An Engaged Team

Many leaders aim to build an engaged team. Employee engagement is front and center of mind for most managers.

These 8 Steps should give you a good start to building an engaged team.

  1. Engagement Is An Ethos

Engaging your team doesn’t need to be about the ‘big gesture’. Engage your employees through the simple things – feedback, leadership, respect, trust and fairness. Doing these things right consistently will go a long way towards creating engaged team

2. Trust And Respect Starts With You

You must be strong and mature enough to give out trust and respect. Let your employees understand what being trusted and respected feels like. It is valuable in the workplace. Give it up front and let them understand its value. They will want to keep it.

3. Build From The Bottom Up

A bottom up approach to building engagements is best. People are different and unique. Connect with your employees individuals and enable them to find their identity within work and to become the best employee that he/she can be.

4. ‘Mastery’ , Not Competition

Empower your employees to learn to love what they do by mastering their work and contribution to the best of their ability rather than bring in competition with others. Motivate through mastery, personal in work, achievement and self-fulfillment.

5. Enjoy Work For What It Is

Through mastery employees can learn to love what it offers them personally. Help your employees understand why they chose to work with your company and why they chose to stay. Empower them with a sense of ownership and contribution to success.


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