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10 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Think and Grow Rich

Their are a number of lessons from Think and Grow Rich. Below are 10 Lessons we can learn from the book.

  1. You Need a Burning Desire

“Only when a man or a woman truly wants something does he or she act towards attaining that which is wanted. Where wishing is often undefined and non-committal, wanting is well-defined and commits to a course of action.

2. Faith

It might be faith in karma, the universe , a diving being, or yourself. But the bottom-line is you need an unnatural amount of confidence that your desire can be achieved. You need to truly believe that your success will be inevitable.

3. Auto Suggestion

Repeat your desire to your subconscious as much as you can and place a feeling of faith and love behind it. Eventually this will become your dominating thought.

4. Imagination

Whatever you’re going to bring into this world you need to see it in your own mind first. And the more clearly you see it and envision it , the better you bring it into reality.

5. Specialized Knowledge

To grow rich you need to have specialized knowledge. Think of any professional, they paid the price of learning specialized knowledge through time and sometime money.

6. Organized Planning

Without a plan, you don’t have a destination. What plan do you have for your life? Do you know where you want to be in a month. 3 months or a year?

7. Mastery of Procrastination

The trait that all successful people have in common is decisiveness. You must learn to make decisions quickly and then change them slowly.

8. Persistence

“Persistence is a state of mind that can be cultivated by having a definiteness of purpose, desire, self-reliance, definiteness of plans, accurate knowledge, cooperation, willpower, and habit.”

9. The Mastermind

When two or more minds come together you can think bigger ideas that you may not have come up with yourself. You LITERALLY have more brain power than just one person on their own.

10. Subconscious Mind

You can only ever have a positive emotion or a negative emotion in your head at one time. Whichever emotion you have in your head is going to be what speaks to your subconscious.


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