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Small Businesses Bookkeeping Tasks For Beginner Entrepreneurs

Have you been blowing off your small business bookkeeping? Check out this list of small business bookkeeping tasks and get your accounting organized.

  1. Daily Tasks.
  • Check account balances.
  • Clear receipts from wallet.
  • File digital receipts.
  • Open financial mail and take action.
  • Enter time worked.
  • Invoice clients.
  • Log business mileage.

2. Weekly Tasks.

  • Log and Categorize payments.
  • Log and Categorize expenses.
  • Deposit checks or cash.
  • Update Invoice Tracking sheet.
  • Update inventory.
  • Send invoice reminders.

3. Monthly Tasks

  • Reconcile all accounts.
  • Run and review Profit and Loss statement.
  • Compare Profit and Loss to Previous month.
  • Run a year to date Profit and Loss report.
  • Review business budget.
  • Pay yourself.
  • Calculate tax savings.

4. Quarterly Tasks

  • Run review Profit and Loss report.
  • Compare Profit and Loss to Previous Quarter.
  • Make estimated tax payments.
  • Check in on financial goals.

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