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20 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Engagement for Techpreneurs

Understand the basics of Instagram for business from the simplest aspects of this marketing strategy to the more complex.

  1. Improve your photography.
  2. Be active with your target audience.
  3. Be active and consistent with your posts.
  4. Update your profile picture.
  5. Understand your analytics and insights.
  6. Know the trend in your niche.
  7. Find the big-guns in your niche.
  8. Post at the right times for your audience.
  9. Switch to a business account.
  10. Optimize your bio.
  11. Plan out your content.
  12. Always Geotag.
  13. Include a call to action.
  14. Tag others in your posts.
  15. Respond to all comments.
  16. Post to Instagram stories.
  17. Develop a consistent editing style, filter or color.
  18. Use all 30 Hashtags. (and know the right ones to use)
  19. Slide into the DMs of your target audience.
  20. Post authentic, genuine and quality captions with value.

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